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June 22, 2006

Team Knitty update

I’ve created an entire page for Team Knitty’s CIBC run adventures. I’ll be posting photos of the prizes you can win just for donating to the cause, as well as photos from the run itself when it happens.

(Perhaps I’ll even include a few “remember this?” photos from years past… the sugar-fueled Knit Wit book signing that took place after the 2004 run has some particularly good photos attached!)

As of today, our team’s at $3810, and we’re going for $10,000. If every one of our readers donated just a dollar, we’d get there immediately. If everyone donated $5 — look out! We could raise a quarter of a million dollars easily. The KnittyReader list alone has over 40,000 people on it, and the Knitgrrl mailing list has (well, not 40, but) several thousand, too!

Donate here for a chance to win fabulous prizes and, of course, help put an end to breast cancer. Though if I were you, I think I’d be all over the chance to win a Lexie Barnes Flo knitting bag in pattern Hermosa. You’ll note they’re no longer listed on her site, and once a pattern’s gone, it’s gone. Limited edition Lexie + an end to breast cancer = a great way to kick off your weekend, yes?

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