Aurora Borealis Mittens is here!

by Shannon on March 4, 2015

I’ve been working on this book for over a year, and it’s FINALLY OUT and I could not be more excited.


Here are just some of the patterns inside:


  • Buy the digital edition on Ravelry here!
  • Buy the print + digital edition at Cooperative Press here!


Happy anniversary, Yarn Harlot!

by Shannon on January 24, 2015

Stephanie put out a call on the Twitter-Bat Phone this morning about the “Class of 2004″ knitbloggers on the occasion of her anniversary.

*raises hand*

According to the Internet Archive, they first archived in August 2004, thought I know it was online before then, as a sub-site of my old personal website. In fact, I remember moving over those posts from the old blog to the Knitgrrl domain… hang on, let’s see what the earliest post is.

*runs off to look*

27 June 2002! In which we learn where and why I learned to knit, and I make an off-color joke. So, 12+ years later, I guess not much has changed… EXCEPT FOR EVERYTHING. This website gave me my purpose. It took me where  I needed to be. It brought me from a failed relationship that more or less razed my then-life to the ground (I sold my house. I left my job. I moved 500 miles away with my boyfriend, and THEN we broke up…) to doing what I love, namely writing and editing and designing and publishing and COMMUNICATING like crazy in a zillion different ways with all of you.

Not bad, internet. Not bad at all. And cheaper than therapy, all things considered. So thank you!

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Holiday gift-giving guide for knitters, crocheters and fiber people!

November 11, 2014

Obviously I’m biased and think you should buy all your books and patterns directly from me and/or Cooperative Press. (Hey look! shiny new website — that happened a few months ago, so you can understand why I’ve been distracted and not needing One More Tech Problem). But how about some other ideas? Here are two […]

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I’m BACK. Holy technical error, Batman!

November 11, 2014

After MONTHS of not being able to get into my own blog software, the Miracle Worker Extraordinaire (aka Penny) did it with some form of black IT magic, so YAY PENNY. Yaaaaaay. Right on. So what’s the haps? Oh, so many things, as usual. We’re gearing up for holiday promo stuff, which will follow in […]

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Hire me!

June 14, 2014

I’m looking to book additional teaching gigs this summer and this fall and have openings in my schedule that can save you money, dear yarn stores. Here’s the deal. I am exhibiting at the American Library Association show at the end of the month (come see me in booth 1348, librarian friends!) in Vegas. I […]

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Katherine Shaughnessy crewel (part 2) at my former shop

June 10, 2014

Katherine Shaughnessy crewel class excerpt (part 2) at my former shop. There’s nothing more awesome than a gym full of spinning wheels at Yarn School / Felt School at the Harveyville Project.

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Introducing: Daily Zen

June 9, 2014

I’m starting up a new feature called Daily Zen with knitterly stuff from around the internet. Pictures, books I think look interesting, you name it… Let’s kick it off with the source of our hobby. SHEEP! Image by James Good “Sheep along Highway 395 in California.” Image by Peewubblewoo “Sheep in winter, in a field […]

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Updated shop page & new stuff on the way

June 9, 2014

I’ve been playing around with some new tools and toys (when I’m not up to my eyeballs working on the new Cooperative Press shopping cart…seriously, it’s been 12-hr days around here with that alone), and one of the fun things I like is Amazon’s astore functionality. Here’s one I’ve been working on putting together with […]

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June 9, 2014

More fuzzy friends. I wish I was out in a field right now, frankly. Image by Ambersky235 Please visit my website In the photograph gallery you will find more photographs, not only of sheep but other animals. Also photographs sized for desktop wallpaper of a variety of subjects including sheep, cattle, horses, birds , […]

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Just a little something fun…

April 23, 2014

  Feel free to steal this banner and link it back to this Goodreads list for voting! Work continues like crazy on my first book in forever, Frozen: Aurora Borealis Mittens, which is up for preorder at Ravelry and will be on the Cooperative Press site soon. It’s all mittens inspired by Icelandic textile designs […]

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