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June 26, 2006


Found on Ana Voog’s crochet journal — when I dream, this is the kind of stuff I dream about!

I’d also like to know who designed that, I would wear it in a heartbeat. Although I don’t think I could until after this sunburn goes away, that is. Suspect I’m being punished by the sun for gardening instead of knitting this weekend.

(Please note: while it is very funny to have a cat who enjoys leaping onto your shoulder and riding around like a pirate’s parrot, it is not funny at all when he does this on your fresh, second degree burn sunburn!)

My sunburn inspired a sweater design, though. It would be funny to have an intarsia pullover that’s red on the shoulder tops, chest, etc and then white where the shirt you were wearing when you got burned would be. In my case, it was a black t-back tank, so I’ve got a big white Y in the center of my back and red shoulders + white underarms. Surprisingly, my face is only tinged pink.

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