March 24, 2009

Yarn Forward is now available digitally!

Yarn Forward, the UK knitmag I edit, is now available digitally, which should bring a smile to many overseas faces, since I get lots and lots of “where can I find it?” emails.

Click here and check it out — more to come soon…you can subscribe or get a single issue. (Of course, I recommend the former).

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  • Mandi

    £2.50 is so reasonable too! (Even in US dollars…) I’m going to go try out the e-subscription option! (Yay for environmentally friendly magazine publishing also!)

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  • Tonya

    Just downloaded my issue! AMAZING!

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  • julia

    What a fantastic initiative! I wanted to say you are great pioneers in the world of magazine publishing, but then I saw there’s a whole lot of magazines to be had on this site (I am trying so hard not to browse them right now). But you definintely are the pioneers in knitting magazine publishing.

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  • Susan

    I’m so sad that they have lost their digital publisher, and so it’s not currently available electronically. Their current issue (#15) looks AMAZING, but I live in the states, and the price of a print subscription is over $110 US.

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