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March 25, 2009

Earn free patterns the fun and easy way!

So I’ve got a top-secret-y project underway at the moment and you can help! In exchange for cross-checking some information for me (there’s a lot of it, so crowdsourcing seems to be the best way to go), you can earn free patterns. The job at hand will require confirming information about a group of yarn stores, and can be done via phone and/or email (phone preferred). For every X number of data points checked, you can earn a pattern!

To join in, here’s what you’ll need to do: send an email to admin [at] knitgrrl [dot] com with the subject line: “Sign me up, Shannon.” Include your name, email and state (or province, for Canadians — country for everyone else) in the body of the email.

This offer may be limited to the first 50 people who respond, so quick, quick like a bunny! (Is my mom the only person to have said this to me as a kid?)

I’ll send out instructions as soon as we have a critical mass of volunteers.

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  • sarahlou

    will this be ongoing or just a one-time as many as each person can knock out for you, when the list is done it’s done, sort of thing?

    Reply to sarahlou
  • Post authorShannon

    When the list is done, it’s done…

    Reply to Shannon

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