March 24, 2009

Felt School: school is IN for summer!

Hurrah! For a limited time only, there are a few extra spaces available in the private Felt School session I’m doing at The Harveyville Project in June. See here for full details and registration.

I’ve seriously cut back the amount of out-of-town teaching I do, so if you love felt, this is the place to be. I have a super-soft spot in my heart for Harveyville, made all the more squishy by the fact that Nikol now has chickens and sheep…

So grab one of the last spots and come felt with me in Harveyville this June! I think I should also mention that Nikol is a spectacular cook and keeps us very well fed. (After all, wet felting gets tiring!) And a warning: we seem to convert many non-Joss-Whedon fans to Whedonmania at Felt School. The first time, it was Buffy…then Firefly…maybe we’ll watch Dr. Horrible in June!

And if you’d like to see some of the antics we get up to, here’s a video. Nothing more fun than whacking around some nuno felt in a former boy’s locker room!

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