Tonight: The Knitgrrl Show from Baghdad

Proof positive you can knit anywhere if you set your mind to it — the below photos are of Lorie Jewell, tonight’s guest on the Knitgrrl Show.

To listen live or call in, go to the show page here at 11:00 p.m. Eastern tonight (that’s morning tomorrow, Baghdad time). The call-in number is (718) 664-9504.

Knitting in a helicopter? Sure!

Knitting on a tank? Of course!

Knitting next to a guy with a machine gun? Why not? (Actually, Lorie told me she made him pose for this one).

Update: We’ve been featured on BlogTalkRadio’s blog and front page!

2 thoughts on “Tonight: The Knitgrrl Show from Baghdad”

  1. Rock on. Having ridden a few times on those whirlybirds, I can say the view or lack there of gets kind of monotonous after a while. Knitting would probably help. Nice shots and kudos to Lorie for keepingn it real.

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