Toronto torment

I’m off to Toronto in a few days, and there is a LOT going on. The title’s a joke, as the torment is mostly the pleasurable kind (save missing Knitter’s Frolic, which I have heard is awesome). So, for those of you keeping track, I’ll be:

  • Signing The Pillow Book at In the Loop Café the 24th
  • Appearing at Creativ Festival
  • Missing the Knitter’s Frolic, as I’ll be at the Creativ Festival — sigh!
  • Joyously celebrating the release of More Big Girl Knits with Jillian and Amy at Lettuce Knit Saturday night. Warning: Shannon + Denny + Strongbow + cupcakes = something amusing is bound to happen
  • Taping a segment on thrift store knitting for Real Life With Sharon Caddy (anyone have a Tivo-to-DVD recorder?)
  • Trying to stay upright and not fall over from all of the above (falling over around knitters is dangerous…lots of pointy sticks)

So, if you’re in Toronto, come say hello! And cross your fingers the border police don’t consider me + my yarn a threat to the country as they generally do. When in doubt, always answer “I’m going to a conference.” Because “I’m going to a knitting show” seems to always freak them out a little bit…

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