November 29, 2006

Anchored down in Anchorage

Ok, ok, I’m showing my Aging Indie Rock Chick side with this post title (it’s from Michelle Shocked’s song “Anchorage“), but it’s all I could think of, having never been to the great state of Alaska — although Arctic Lace: Knitting Projects and Stories Inspired by Alaska’s Native Knittersby Donna Druchunas is making me think a trip would be well worth it).

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yes… (See, I wasn’t kidding about the ‘aging’ part). Jaime, Interweave’s publicist extraordinaire, sent me links to some awesome articles about and reviews of Spin to Knit, including this one from the Anchorage Daily News by Catherine Hollingsworth. Catherine hosted Tofu Bear on his travels, is interim president of the Alaska State Yarn Council and past president of Knitters of the North. A quote:

From a knitterly perspective, this book is important for its in-depth look at several spinners who design patterns for their hand-spun yarn. I believe this book can take you to new creative heights, and I highly recommend it. Maybe you can ask Santa for a copy to put under your tree this year. Learning to spin will be the perfect New Year’s goal.

Thanks, Catherine! I agree…but of course, I’m biased.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country in Maine (my future home, and home to several interesting guilds), the Bangor Daily News mentions the Spin to Knit swap.

Knitting News and KnitNet recently gave the book lovely reviews. And Library Journal’s review was awesome, too:

Okey (Knitgrrl) hits a happy medium with this introduction to handspinning
for knitters, which covers all the basics of the craft without overwhelming
the beginner with information. Some of the topics treated in this richly
illustrated volume are tools, fibers and their preparation, and spinning on
the cheap (e.g., by making a handspindle out of a discarded CD). Twenty
knitting patterns demonstrate the uniqueness of garments and accessories
knit with handspun yarn, and profiles of handspinners and how they fit
spinning into their lives make the book interesting to anyone who ever
thought of taking up this fascinating hobby. A good choice for public

But wait, there’s more! A sneak preview of the January 2007 review in BUST magazine:

Know a knitter who’s done it all? Help her take it to the next level by giving her Spin to Knit: The Knitter’s Guide to Making Yarn. Short of shearing the sheep, author Shannon Okey provides everything knitters need to know to take fiber from fuzz to fab. Your friend can learn how to master spindles and wheels, then try out one of the included patterns with her homespun yarn.

There’s also an interview over at LoveToKnow here, and a review at Monsters and Critics here. Ok, that’s all the ones I know of for now. Like I said, my brain’s getting a little tricksy with age and if I don’t post ’em, I’ll forget. My birthday’s in January, it only gets worse from here.

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  • Lolly

    I saw the Library Journal and BUST reviews, and I was so happy 😉 That is great press, girl! Congrats! You are big time!!

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  • rose

    Congrats! That’s great press 🙂

    I love “Anchorage.” Its such a great song.

    Reply to rose

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