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November 28, 2006

Comic book guy knitting

NaKniSweMo: 2 days left. Will I make it? Probably not. Although I’ve made wicked good progress… photos to come soon. Guess what? There is also a NaSweKniMo — good to know so many knitters are out and about supporting their novelist friends.

Or comic book friends, for that matter: I was taken to the annual “Midnight Madness” sale at my boyfriend’s comic book shop on Friday. Not possessive-apostrophe-s as in ‘he owns it’ (although, as much money as he spends there, he’d be a major shareholder if they were publicly traded), but as in it’s his “home” comic book shop… just like I have a “home” LYS. (You know, the one where you spend so much time you know which bins have what and other customers just assume you work there). There were prize drawings every half-hour, so we stuck around for a while and ended up winning some terrifyingly stupid action figures.

Me and action figures. We’re dangerous together. When I get bored, I like to make them talk, much to boyfriend dearest’s horror. (Hey, it’s payback for the time he walked around Halcyon Yarn when we stopped there on vacation, exclaiming loudly “where are the books by world-famous author Shannon Okey?”). So, Wonder Woman was exhorting Supergirl to drop the cheerleader skirt for some sensible boy-shorts like hers, Loki was telling detachable-mullet Alexander Luthor doll that his sword’s runes weren’t even real and that he felt lame because of it, etc etc.

(Don’t worry, this is leading up to a point).

The next morning, I had breakfast with Jillian on my way up to ThreadBear and told her I was going to design a Power Girl sweater if they do Big Girl Knits 3. You see, Power Girl is a Big Girl. But only in one place. Let’s guess which of the three Bs Power Girl has, shall we? (We’re dealing with comic book guys, this shouldn’t be tough). So yes, there needs to be a Power Girl sweater with magical cleavage panel.

I have a theory. Knitters and comic book guys tend to end up together. Head of our local s ‘n b? Married to comic book guy. Me? Comic book guy. Half the exhibitors at SPX? Running around in handknits. This only applies to Indie Comic Book Guys, though, the ones who like Power Girl and her ilk in an ironic way, not in a I Live In My Mom’s Basement And Can’t Get A Date way.

I know why my theory works, too — comic book guys get it. You can’t live without that specific ball of handpainted yarn, he can’t walk out of the store without the new issue of The Walking Dead (I like zombie comics. Shhhh). You’re storing balls of yarn in your kitchen cupboards because it’s the only space left, he’s got comic book longboxes in the linen closet. It’s like shared OCD!

Of course, now that he’s got me reading comic books, I’ve got to get him knitting…

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  • Lolly

    2 more days? oy. I finished a sweater this month… but not the one I slated for NaKniSweMo. Wonder if I can pull the 2nd one off in 2 days…

    Reply to Lolly
  • caro

    I have that same comic book guy/knitter theory. I have a deal with my husband, for every dollar he spends in the comic shop, I get to spend the same amount in the LYS. I’ve heard tell that somewhere in San Fransisco there’s a comic shop and a yarn shop side by side. Now that’s two smart business plans!

    Reply to caro
  • rose

    I can’t believe how fast November has flown! My sweater won’t be done-but with luck I’ll fave everything but the arms done this weekend.

    Reply to rose
  • Pamela

    Hi. I just bought 5 of your books on amazon! knitgrrl2 and spin to knit will be here soon. And I pre-ordered the 3 that have yet to be released. You go girl!

    Reply to Pamela
  • Jenn

    First time poster, here.
    Started reading your journal just in time to start my NaKniSweMo sweater (had a few rows started, but I needed a reason to pick it back up.) I have one sleeve left, and I’m still working on a neck that will fit over my head comfortably. I think I’ll make it though!
    Anywho, will there be a place to share pictures? Looks like there were a lot of people who wanted to join.

    Reply to Jenn
  • Allison

    I agree with the comic book theory. I have never had to explain my need for more fiber to my man. Though he spends more on comic books than I do yarn. Luckily a new “must have” knitting item does not come out on a weekly basis. And I can guarantee he loves my knitting by making him superhero items. My boyfriend owns a handknit Batman hat and Green Lantern scarf.

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  • Amy

    OH YES. The longboxes fight with the yarn balls for space at our house!

    Am I the only one who looked at the first illustration of Power Girl on the Wikipedia page and thought “hm, I didn’t know Maxfield Parrish did any comics…”?

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