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November 30, 2006

Lolly rocks out NaKniSweMo

Lolly did the smart thing and knit a sweater in November that covered three knitalongs (ours, Red Sweater, and Tweeding Along). And it’s totally gorgeous. (As is the model, no?) Yay!

Ok, who else is done already? You’ve got til midnight — send me your links!

I’m pretty sure two half-sleeves aren’t getting knit today, my friends. I have some editing that must be done asap and prep work for Bazaar Bizarre, too. Miracles can happen, though. And at least I’ll show you the progress I did make.

So, on this final day of NaKniSweMo 2006, think good editing thoughts for those projects instead of stitchcount… I’ve just got to get through them, and there isn’t enough coffee in the house to make it easy.

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  • Lolly

    *shock* My face plastered on your blog! I am blushing!
    Seriously, Shannon, thank you so much for your kind words, and for starting the knitalong fun! NaKniSweMo was great, and I still can’t believe that I finished it… in my knitalong in October, I only finished one sock… that was IT!

    Thank you! and best of luck with the editing!

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  • Carie

    Sadly I am not among the finished, or event he nearly finished(!). I think I may qualify as just about started – sadly Christmas knitting which needs finishing before Christmas for posting dates etc has rather taken over but nevermind I’ve enjoyed the thought and maybe I’ll be finished for next November – thanks for organising it Shannon I hope you had a good November

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  • rose

    I’m not done, but if it was Na Kni Vest Mo I’d be done. Thanks for organizing this knitalong. It did inspire me to cast on, and make a lot of progress on my sweater. I’ll have it done by the new year, I’m sure.

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