March 7, 2004

The long-promised Debbie Stoller pics

There are more photos stored at this link, if you want to check them out.

Here’s one of my latest yarns.

It’s spun from the roving I dyed a few months ago. (Large photo of that roving available here). So far, I’ve made a hat from it. The yarn is a very tightly spun single, what I’ve heard called an “energized single” (although that always makes me laugh, because I envision a highly-motivated Type A person browsing the online personals in search of The Perfect Someone when I read it).

Here is an interesting example of what those kinds of singles will do when knit with circular needles on a small scale. The stitches twist and turn, looking like some kind of fancy schmancy stitch, but it’s really just yarn squirminess. You have to keep a little more tension on the yarn when you knit with extra-twisty stuff like mine, but it’s worth it for the cool effect.

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