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March 3, 2004

Golden fleece?

A so-called “golden fleece” is produced Down Under…

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Two Australian sheep farmers have produced the world’s finest wool, a mere 11.9 microns thick or about one-fifth the diameter of human hair, with a bale of the super fine wool now under armed guard inside a bank vault. The bale of wool is valued at more than A$1 million ($752,000) and when sold in coming weeks is probably destined for a fashion house in Paris, Milan, New York or Tokyo.

Spoiled sheep…

To grow the world’s finest wool, the Goodrich brothers built a luxurious shed dubbed the “Wooldorf Astoria” for the prized sheep on their Warroo Station property in northern New South Wales state.

Somehow I suspect you wouldn’t want to have afternoon tea in the Wooldorf Astoria…stick with the original.

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