March 23, 2021

Hello + welcome to, online home to Shannon Okey: knitwear designer, founder of Cooperative Press (an indie knitting book publisher), and maker+

March 2021: I have just re-installed the website software and a lot of the links aren’t working. It’ll take me a little time to fix… patience, please!

I’m also an unrepentant smartass who wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD til I was in my 40s, and it shows. Often.

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This blog has been online since 2002 and was one of the first devoted to knitting, along with those written by Vickie Howell and the Yarn Harlot. My first books, Knitgrrl and Knitgrrl 2, came out in 2004. I wrote a dozen books for big publishers before starting Cooperative Press and I’ve worked in the yarn + maker world ever since (I also run Cleveland Bazaar, a handmade / maker-focused indie popup show with three big holiday events, a summer series and several others year-round).

You’ll find me on most social media as Knitgrrl. Get The Latest here…