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March 8, 2004

Could I BE any prouder?

Amy, the editrix, founder and all-around lovely person behind Knitty, to which yours truly has been known to contribute now and again, has a book coming out! Knit Wit: 30 Easy and Hip Projects. I am rubbing my hands together with glee, waiting to see what my fellow Knitty-ers have contributed.

Have I mentioned lately that I cannot wait for spring? I’m moving home and will have a garden again — hurray! I ordered my 2004 seeds yesterday, among them Hopi red dye amaranth and Hopi black dye sunflowers. My goal is a garden with 95% “useful” plants, whether edible, used for dye / fragrance / medicinal purposes, or just to improve the miserable Ohio clay soil. There are a few here and there that don’t fit the criteria (my black tulips, the chartreuse coleus I’m planting under the Black Magic colocasia, the cannas), but most do, and as many as possible are organic or heirloom plants. I can’t wait to try dyeing wool with the sunflowers! Plus, once again I’ll have organic calendula to make medicinal salve.

(Boyfriend dearest calls me “Hippie Longstocking” when I am in this mode…hey, what do you expect from someone who took both Medicinal Plants of Ohio and Biointensive Agriculture to fill her college science requirements?)

This summer will be full of knitting, thrift store hunting with my mom, weaving on my new loom, writing, gardening and riding my gorgeous Swedish bike around town. (I rode it yesterday while it was still warm, but we dropped about 40 degrees overnight, and now it’s snowing. Sigh. The bike is made to take Scandinavian temperature extremes, I am not).

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