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May 22, 2013

Stephen West shawl class has me wondering…

So Stephen West has a new shawl class called Shawlscapes with Stephen West that just went live at Craftsy… this had me wondering, if you could take an online class with any Cooperative Press author, who, and what would you want to learn? Would love to hear what you think…

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  • Catarina

    Anything by Kate Atherley! I took her class on writing a sock pattern at Sock Summit 2011 and was tremendously impressed by her knowledge and teaching skills, all supported by great class materials. She knows what she’s doing; I think she’d be a hit on Craftsy, no matter what the particular subject matter was.

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  • K. Stephen Nelson

    Stephanie Tallent, writing patterns for the digital age. In my opinion we’re carrying around too much baggage from the past. Perhaps a class on the available tools and techniques for creating modern digital patterns would start a discussion about where we’re currently at and how we’re going to move forward! I mean if they can post a blueprint for printing a working plastic gun, It’s not too big a stretch to create pattern blueprints that would tell my computerized home knitting machine what to do.

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  • Joanne

    Katya Frankel. Specifically one of the boys knits. I do wish the craftsy designers would take a vote on the patterns before the class went live. I’m a pretty new knitter, and although it’s the techniques that most people want to learn, I also want to knit something that I like. It probably wouldn’t be that easy to get people to vote, and with tastes varying so much. I just check in there occasionally to see if there is something I want to knit, and learn a few new things while I’m doing it.
    Katya, if you’re out here – I like Chip, and would like to see how to add a zipper.
    I really like a lot of Stephen West’s designs but that Shawl just doesn’t prompt me to take the class.

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