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May 20, 2013

Cruise + winner of the survey

(Funny if you read the last post’s title before this, eh? because where we’re going is a cruise…)
Special thanks to the magical robots at random.org, who chose #287, aka Dawn, as our survey contest winner. I double-checked, she’s on the mailing list, and so she’s won the full $100 and not half! Congrats to Dawn and thank you to ALL of you for sharing your opinions, because it really does make a difference in what happens next. I discovered some of the things I thought weren’t so important are, and also the reverse, so I will be changing up some of the reboot plans thanks to your input.
Now, on to some really fun news!
Join me + CP authors Kate Atherley and Anna Dalvi for 7 days in the Caribbean next January. The all-inclusive price includes 3 whole days of knitting classes, too. If you click the image below, it will open up an email to Linda of Viva Spain Travel, who is organizing the travel arrangements for our cruise, or you can just mail her yourself at vivaspaintravel@gmail.com

I know at least one LYS owner who’s indicated she wants to go, as well as alumnae from our cruise a few years ago when I was teaching for Debbie Stoller. It’s going to be a BLAST. I promise:
1. Not to sing “I’m On A Boat” TOO many times, but to refer to all footwear as “flippy floppies” no matter what
2. To do my hilarious Leonardo DiCaprio-in-Titanic “King of the World” impersonation and
3. If on a smaller boat, I will pretend we are in the Duran Duran video “Rio” for your amusement.
We need to have some headcounts in by July, so if you’re at all interested, talk to Linda soon!

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  • Dawn

    Thanks you so much Shannon for the contest prize!
    And the cruise you are planning sounds amazing! Knitting in the Caribbean… I can’t think of anything better in the middle of the winter.

    Reply to Dawn

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