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June 3, 2013

Aww, happy nostalgia!

I got emails about two new Craftsy classes this weekend, and the first one really had me smiling / tearing up a tiny bit. The BEAUTIFUL sweater by the name of Zelda that’s featured in the class photo for Joan McGowan-Michael’s new Feminine Fit class was originally commissioned by me for issue 15 of YF. It was the cover sweater, even, and I think I might even love it more now than I did then, which is saying something.
I am such a fan of Joan’s. This sweater of hers, Ruby, is sitting in my “knit when retired” pile at the moment because I’ve had the print pattern for years now and haven’t found the time for it yet. Sad, sad face. It is so gorgeous.
Then I got an email about Marcy and Katherine Tilton’s Ultimate T-Shirt class. Marcy was a fixture on the sewing show circuit several years ago when I was doing a lot of teaching for one particular show. She is so cool, and her patterns are, too. If you are a fiber artist, and particularly a felter, I have to tell you that some of her Vogue patterns, especially this one, are just MADE to be used with felt.
Also, if you live somewhere without a good fabric store or you can’t seem to find knit jersey you like, CHECK OUT MARCY’S WEBSTORE. You will have to lock your credit card away for a little while to calm down, trust me.
So many things to make, such little time. Sniff sniff.

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  • Alanna

    It’ll be OK, Shannon. Shortly out of grad school,my boss let me know that her retirement was in part patterns, fabric and yarn. Not all CFP will advise you this, but I think you get the drift! Fortunately, these patterns will be there when you want to make time for them… before or after retirement. This often comforts me.

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