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February 18, 2005

Human Touch

No, not Rick Springfield…though I do love that song! (Again, dating myself as a child of the 1980s). There’s an interesting new blog on the block, written by a Savile Row bespoke tailor. (Savile Row, for the non-fashionistas, is where many of the high-end bespoke, or custom made, tailors in London are located). He makes some interesting observations, many of which are applicable to handknitters. From this entry:

By choosing to buy the most humanly-touched products we can afford, or at least striving to do so, we’ll not just benefit the craftsmen out there. It will give you the impassioned knowledge that someone, somewhere, has added a little of their character into your suit. No machine can imitate this. It’s what makes the coat, Bespoke or otherwise, truly unique and frankly, that’s what keeps the customers coming back. Yes, the fact that their coat has a human story behind it makes it seem more special to them.

Isn’t that also why we love handknitted clothing so much more than something we bought off the rack? I’ll be keeping my eye on his site.

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