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February 16, 2005

Hello, knitgrrl-announce listers!

Welcome to the knitgrrl blog! As you’ll see from the archives, the blog’s been around longer than the books. You’re invited to email any knitting- or fiber-arts related news, sites, etc you spot to me for possible inclusion here. (I can’t be everywhere at once, after all!)

If you’d like, say hello in the ‘comments’ section below. Introduce yourself, get to know each other! The forum will be open soon, but until then…let’s get acquainted.

However, your comments will not appear until they’ve been manually approved. One bad thing about blogs these days is the huge amount of “comment spam.” To keep the bad guys out (and prevent 1,000 non-knitting-related, “play poker in our online casino” comments per day), I had to turn on the approval mechanism.

Have at it!

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