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February 20, 2005

HGTV taping

a.k.a. “VH-knit1, purl2 Behind The Music.” I taped a segment for HGTV at our house last Thursday on my “dishwasher dyeing” technique. After I dyed roving and spun some yarn, I demonstrated how to make your own knit journal from felted sweaters, a regular 3-ring binder, and the yarn in question.

Me on the TV monitor. Since they wanted our dachshund and kitten in some shots, my mom came over to help out. “Help out” means “remove them from things they are not supposed to be jumping on while the tape is rolling.” When she wasn’t doing that, Mom was watching this monitor with the director, who would periodically yell “Smile, your mother paid for that orthodontia!”

Those who know me well will probably wonder why I am grinning in every other shot. It’s because a Greek chorus sitting on my couch was ordering me to smile!

We taped in the kitchen and dining room. It took 5+ hours to tape enough footage for 7-8 minutes’ worth of TV show. You can see my new wheel, and a digital video camera on the table. (My kitten Spike nuzzled the lens at one point, which I got to watch on the video monitor — very funny!)

The actual roving I dyed on camera. I spun it today, and am planning to make a hat. I’ll let you know when the episode will air! It might be as soon as next month, but probably not quite that early.

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  • Jessica

    Dishwasher dyeing?? I don’t think I can wait a month to find out about this.

    Reply to Jessica
  • christine

    WOW! That’s soo neat! I can’t wait to see it!! It seems like so many of my knitting buddies are becoming big stars!!!!
    Keep me posted!!

    Reply to christine
  • shannon

    Awww, Christine! That’s sweet. Not sure if “big star” quite describes it — talk to me when I get my own show! 😉

    Reply to shannon
  • sandra

    Hey..when will your segment be on HGTV? Also, can you post a pic and instructions for the felted knitting journal?

    Reply to sandra
  • shannon

    Hi Sandra! Keep an eye on


    or here for news on the air date. I have some photos I can post of the step-by-step and finished object. The full instructions will also be posted on the HGTV site, and in one of my books. 🙂

    Reply to shannon

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