June 11, 2013

Meet Haybale! (a new pattern)

Unlike its namesake, this is GUARANTEED non-itchy.

Sometimes in life you have to be open to a change of plans. This pattern is one example of that. Originally slated for a booklet I was working on, it’s been languishing here in the studio and frankly, I was starting to get sad every time I looked at it, so I’m releasing it. Pow! Done. Sadness conquered! Meet Haybale.
Knit in Alchemy Yarns Temple, in colorway Tea Party, this deceptively simple pattern has a few major things going for it.
One, it’s knit lengthwise, which makes it go MUCH faster. I learned long ago I don’t actually hate knitting scarves. I hate knitting scarves in the other direction! And if you start to run out of yarn, or get bored, or realize you have a lot more stash to kill off, it’s ok, just keep going!
Two, the stitch pattern is deathly simple BUT there are bobbles. You can try this fancy schmancy technique for perfect mid-row crocheted bobbles in a knit project from The Holocene, or you can do regular ol’ knit bobbles (directions included). The bobbles serve not only to break up the fabric and add dimension and texture but also to break up what is otherwise mindless TV knitting. Perfect for summer.
And three, the yarn. The yarrrrrrrn. Oh, this yarn is just TASTY. And Gina at Alchemy dyes such spectacular colors that even if this one doesn’t float your boat, you can surely find any number of others that will. Her new colorway Indian Paintbrush, for example.
(This would also be a killer stashbuster pattern if you have a lot of scraps hanging out in your knitting bin…just switch colors every row, or do the pattern in black and the bobbles in brights…it’s up to you!)
The pattern is available on Ravelry and if you’re on the Knitgrrl mailing list, check your inbox, there’s a special buy-Haybale-get-a-free-pattern offer waiting for you now.
We’re still prepping for the big TNNA tradeshow in (gulp) less than two weeks, so if you happen to be going, stop by and see me in the Cooperative Press booths, 355-357-454

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