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August 12, 2009

Where does the time go?

Do you do the morning “things I have to do” rundown in your head when you first get up? This morning I made the mistake of thinking past the “things for today” list over to the frightening stack of “wow, you really should do that, you know” list.

Last night at vegetable pickup — see, my friend with all the goats also does an organic vegetable CSA in the summer, and we pick up our weekly tastiness at a local German beer hall, which is pretty much ideal so far as I’m concerned — I realized that I’d been putting off a photo shoot with the goats for at least three months at this point.

This morning I sat down and counted how many things I have knitted up but not photographed/released as patterns. Some need a little more work but not crazy amounts, so I need to just finish them.

Etcetera ad nauseum. So here’s my goal: I want to get all this stuff cleared off of my mental desk by the end of the month. If I can do that, I’ll be a very happy camper. And hopefully you will be, too, because yay, new patterns!

This weekend I’m heading to Washington, DC with our best friends (my studiomate Arabella and her husband + me and Tamas), because Arabella has a fantastic show going up at ArtWhino. Come by if you’re in the neighborhood! Should be fun, I hear the DC Rollergirls are making an appearance, too.

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  • Jennifer

    I’ve been finding the lists too overwhelming myself lately, to the point of total shut down. I like the image of clearing the mental desk. A lot.

    Reply to Jennifer
  • emy

    Actually I think I might have to start creating to-do lists..

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