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March 6, 2012

What a week.

It’s only Tuesday and this week is kicking my you-know-what. I’m trying to prep so I can fly out to SXSW this weekend (I’m leaving Thursday, full day planned for Friday, stuff on Sat/Sun, speaking Monday, flying back at the very crack of dawn Tuesday), I’ve got the usual crazy Cooperative Press workload plus setting things up to run in my absence, I had to drop my dog off this morning for a small surgery (routine dental + removing a biggish but probably not serious lump) and ended up crying in the parking lot because she was so panicky and it made ME panicky…in short, UGH WHEN WILL THIS WEEK BE OVER?
updated to add: she’s had the lump out and it’s not cancer, WHEW, but she still had to have 2 teeth out, so…poor doggie!

But in happier news, I knit up a new cowl this weekend in a fun boucle yarn (I forced myself to take some downtime, although is it really downtime if you’re thinking about making it into something for sale?) and cast on an experimental möbius to play with, I got to see the Rembrandt in America show at the Cleveland Museum of Art and then go out with my friends Friday night, and really, all things considered, I should just stop whinging.
There’s a contest going on among the Stitches teachers to see who can get the most click-throughs and signups for their classes. Even if you’re not going to Stitches South, would you at least do me the favor of making with the clicky? It would be awesome to win, so thanks in advance!

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  • Jennifer Crowley

    Shannon, good luck with the teaching, I would be so over the moon to be teaching at Stitches South. Best of luck, and I gave you a clicky!

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