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February 27, 2012

New pattern + important project

This is my latest pattern, Restraint.
This is my most excellent husband, Tamas.
It’s so hard to be married to a knitter. (Yes, that was sarcasm). You get things custom-knitted for you, you’re even given input on what you would like to have in the final product, and all the knitter asks is for a model when it’s done.
Why “Restraint”? Because absolutely everything I suggested for the hat (cables got voted down here – alas!) was vetoed. And so this is a model of considerable restraint, all things considered. It’s a simple, fast, fun knit and it’s reversible, so if you want to knit one for yourself, you can wear the slightly-more-decorative other side facing outward.
You can buy the pattern on Ravelry or Craftsy.
Now: another very important thing to tell you about! My friend Gina from Alchemy Yarns is selling limited-edition hand painted scarves to fund the very important textiles-related work she’s been doing in Cambodia. Read more about it here.
100% of profit from these scarves goes IMMEDIATELY for relief to The Lotus Center, Kamping Puy and Battambang, Cambodia.
I will be donating all proceeds from sales made during the next week of the digital edition of my book to Gina’s project. Even if you’re not a designer, there are fascinating interviews with a number of designers you know and love, and Gina’s doing something amazing here. Thank you in advance…

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  • MJ

    Still getting used to the idea of you using the phrase “my husband” 😛

  • Post authorShannon

    Me, too! (Live with someone since 2004 and it’s second nature to say boyfriend…get married and 2 months later it’s still a little weird to say husband!)

    Reply to Shannon

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