September 30, 2006

Top tips #1 — Sivia Harding

While Kim and I are on the road, I will have daily tips to share with you from the designers (pattern- and yarn-) featured in my books. Each day, you’ll have one or more tips to spice up your knitting, spinning or other fiber arts.

Today’s tip is from Sivia Harding, aka the Queen of Beaded Knitting. She had virtually an entire chapter of Knitgrrl 2 to herself as she taught us how to add beads to our knitting. Here’s her tip for you:

Strings of beads going haywire? Keep your yarn pre-strung with beads tidy by coiling it in a bowl, preferably on the floor, where gravity can be a help rather than a hindrance. Leave enough yarn free so that you don’t feel the weight of the beads as you knit, or at least 20″ – 30″.

Thanks, Sivia! Be sure to check out her website for more information on (and patterns for) knitting with beads.

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