June 15, 2010

TNNA: the national need some more Jeni's show

TNNA roundup! I got to meet Jeni from Fyberspates in person at long last! And Juliet from The Knitter (magazine), and Amanda from The Natural Dye Studio,and and and… it was a British invasion! Ysolda’s booth was across from ours, which meant we had first crack at the giant cupcakes during her delightful 3:00 tea parties. Did I mention she had a photobooth set up during the show?
We launched my new book, and it was so gratifying to see people getting their hot little hands on it. Some distributors picked it up, too, which will help get it into the yarn shops. Every time I walked past Unicorn they’d tell me: “I just sold a few more!” (Of course, you can also still buy it direct from me. They won’t have the print+PDF package or PDF version).
People kept asking who they should get it from, and to be honest, I make more per copy if you buy it from me, but I can’t reach EVERY yarn store owner in the same way the distributors can, so I am super-pleased to have them helping me sell it. If your local yarn store orders books from Unicorn (chances are, they probably do!), you might want to tell them to add some copies on to their next order.
Unicorn also picked up Miriam’s new book Twist & Knit. It was the best show yet for Stitch Cooperative. Store owners finally really “got” how our digital affiliate pattern program can help them sell more yarn, and we signed them up in droves (hurrah)!
The Ravelry party on Friday was an ice cream social with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. She had no idea, I think, how passionate knitters can be, judging from the look on her face. We are a little overwhelming for the muggles en masse. Every time I walked by, someone was telling her how much they loved her (I admit, I did it, too).
What a week. I’m still in brain-process-overdrive, but it’s time to get back down to work, there’s much to do!

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  • Katie @ Yarn Love

    You may have just pushed me over the edge into having a booth at TNNA next year. People have requested over and over that we attend, but it always seemed so overwhelming. Your post just makes it seem like fun!

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