July 22, 2006

Title this:

Although I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember (and my mom has the hilarious proto-books to prove it, including one called The Book of Monsters that I really should scan in someday), I have never liked writing titles. They always seem so… I don’t even have a good word for it! (Me, speechless? I never thought I’d see the day).

I was happy with Knitgrrl’s title — I think it reflected the Riot Grrl / DIY-friendly connection I wrote about in the first book’s intro nicely, and apparently it’s memorable: a yarn store owner friend of mine reports several times a week she has grandmas or moms coming in asking for “that grrl book.” Spin To Knit was already a working title at Interweave when I talked to the editors about writing a new spinning book aimed at knitters, so I never even touched it.

More recently, though, Heather and I have gone through what seems like 1,001 changes to the title of our felting book. For a while, it was Felt Tips. Pun-ny, cute. Then it was changed to Felt It… but at TNNA, we learned there was a new book coming out with that title. Bye-bye, Felt It. We hardly knew ye. My (male) friends suggested, more than once, that we call it Felt Up. I suspect the editors thought I was kidding when I mentioned that. At long last, however, the book’s true title can be announced:

Felt Frenzy: 27 Projects for All Forms of Felting

It’ll be out in the spring. Look for it on the shelf next to Amy Swenson’s just-announced new felting book from Wiley. Speaking of, her crochet book comes out very soon. You can preorder it here!

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  • Eve

    The title is the most important thing you’ll ever write, but I still hate doing it and I’m really lazy about it.

    I like Felt Frenzy, though.

  • christine

    ooh, that title has lots of energy! congrats on issuing this next published baby out!

    maybe your sequel can be felt fantasy…

    felt up fantasy?

    felt up fantasy tips!!!


    (perhaps that’s another whole genre altogether…)

    Reply to christine
  • Post authorShannon

    Felt Up Fantasy sounds like…umm… not something Interweave would publish, alas! 🙂

    Reply to Shannon
  • Paula

    When I try to come up with titles I can’t but I love the title felt frenzy. It makes the book sound interesting without even looking at it.

    Reply to Paula
  • Paula

    Shannon, do you mind if I post some of the designs in your book in my website?

    Reply to Paula

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