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March 22, 2010

The week in photos

First of all, the awards I made for the film festival…you might not be able to see it in this shot, but they are mounted on vintage spindles which I found on Etsy. Here’s the seller, she’s got some other cool stuff you all might like, such as buttons. Each one is different, but they all involved a LOT of needlefelting, and dyeing, and snipping and woodwork (Dad helped in that department) and painting and and and… I hope the directors like them! The geometric color blocks are based on the visual theme of the festival.

Mmm, yarn. Currently becoming a project… I knit on this all day yesterday:

The studio, aka the greenhouse (hey, when you’ve got this much natural light and a big steam radiator, too, you have to take advantage!). Organic Brandywine tomatoes and basil.

If there is anything better than thick, home-grown tomato slices with olive oil, salt and freshly ground pepper in the summer, I don’t know what it is.

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  • Virginia

    The awards look great!

    And I totally agree about the tomatoes. Yum.

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