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March 17, 2010

New online class: get published!

Hey Knitgrrl-friends — again, by popular demand, a new class has been added to the roster! Here are the details…

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Have you always wanted to write a book? Now’s your chance!

Whether you want to submit your work to large publishers or do it yourself, Shannon Okey has the insider knowledge to help you succeed! Author of 12 major-publisher books and owner of Cooperative Press, which has been publishing craft-related titles since 2007 (including forthcoming title The Knitgrrl Guide To Professional Knitwear Design: How to Keep Your Knits About You), Okey reveals the processes behind:

  • building a successful book proposal
  • brainstorming a book: discovering what you have to offer the market
  • publishing it yourself for greater profit and control
  • finding a printer or an appropriate print solution

and many other topics of interest to creative people of all kinds, not just crafters.

Class begins 29 March. $85.

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  • Shweta Shankar Khatri

    Hi Shannon,

    I am interested in taking the class. I just wanted to confirm the schedule. Will this be a live session or can I take it when I can?
    Also, if it is a live session, will it be possible to have it on weekends? I am working full time so I wont be able to take it on weekdays.


    Reply to Shweta Shankar Khatri
  • Post authorShannon

    Hi Shweta! (and everyone else who’s wondering)

    The way these classes are taught are mainly asynchronous, i.e. it doesn’t matter when/where you are, you can log in and follow along when it is convenient for you. In the marketing class that’s running now, we’ve even got people in France and Spain! If we schedule any live chats/live events, we’ll make sure everyone gets a chance to log on at a good time for them.

    Reply to Shannon
  • Brandee Fondren

    I am so anxious to get into this. Thank you for offering it!

    Reply to Brandee Fondren
  • Sam

    Do you know when the class will start and how long you will run it?

  • Post authorShannon

    It’s getting started now, Sam, and it’ll run for about a month, maybe a bit longer if need be.

    Reply to Shannon
  • Kay

    How often are you offering your online classes?

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