The first one that feels like it’s “mine”

The very first issue of Yarn Forward that’s all me in terms of selecting patterns, getting the editorial things such as features sorted, etc. In short, the first one to feel really “mine.”

Thanks are in order to the designers and contributors for making it so fabulous (*sniff sniff*). You know who you are, but to list a few: Annie Modesitt, Melissa Morgan-Oakes, Jenn Jarvis, Andi Smith, Anniken Allis, Amy O’Neill Houck, Joan McGowan-Michael

See what people are doing with the designs here on Ravelry, or preview them here.

11 thoughts on “The first one that feels like it’s “mine””

  1. I managed to snag a coy of Yarn Forward a couple of months ago (we don’t see it regularly in the book stores here in Chicago) and would love to pick it up regularly. Any news on distribution plans here in the US?

  2. Woohoo! Congrats! I can’t wait to see this issue (assuming I can find it at my bookstore, so far I haven’t been able to locate a single issue!)

  3. Congratulations Shannon, the preview looks amazing. I can’t wait to see the rest of that lotus bag and Andi’s naturally dyed sweater looks divine. When will the issue make it across the pond? We Yank’s want to enjoy Yarn Forward as well. : )

  4. Best issue so far, really fun to read and I am already halfway through the Colourbox cardigan. AND I showed it to everyone at my spinning group, none of whom had heard of YF before, and they loved it, so hopefully lots more readers for you.

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