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February 11, 2009

Kindle 2.0

New Kindle! (I still like my old one, but you can buy the new one here). It’s got 16 colors of grey instead of just 4, so that’ll definitely help with some of the publishing-related things I want to do.

I’ve also been experimenting with programs designed for publishing to the iPhone/iPod Touch/etc — thankfully, we are a house of much gadgetry (I’ve got the Kindle but Tamas has a million different iPods, Blackberries, etc).

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  • Heidi

    I’d be interested in patters for my IPhone. Let me know.

    Reply to Heidi
  • Beverly

    I’m counting the days until my K2 is due to arrive (8, if you’d like to count with me).

    Reply to Beverly
  • Post authorShannon

    Hey, don’t think I haven’t considered that, Ali!

    (giggles, thinking about the time she was using the so-called “experimental web browser” on Kindle to read Knitty.com in the airport)

    Reply to Shannon

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