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April 26, 2007

Stitch Swap time!

Seeing Jenny Hart’s post about her Tea Towel Tour, plus some other stuff, has me inspired to swap. And by the way, the towel-tour is an example of small business done right. As an preliminary test of her new product, Jenny:

…sent out a sample tea towel, chain-letter style, to 12 loyal Sublime Stitchers from the Sublime Stitching Craftster Forum to get their respected approval for size, weight, absorbancy and general stitchability.

After she got their thumbs-up, she went forward with the product. Talk about great customer service! Ok, back to the swap part of this post title. I’m going to be putting together the first Cleveland Swap-O-Rama-Rama when our new workshop space is open, as a kind of celebration and fun, stitchy thing to do. But since I can’t wait that long, I had another swap idea last night while spinning some fiber I got from Pippi. Why not have a 3-way mail swap where one person would make an item, pass it on to a second for additions/alterations/etc and then it goes to a third person?

Here’s the scoop. There will be two separate swaps going on simultaneously, each with its own mailing list. #1 will be hosted here, and #2 at the AlterNation blog. You can sign up for either or both. Stitch Swap #1 is the knitting-and-fiber oriented swap, Stitch Swap #2 is the sewing-and-embroidery oriented swap. Here’s the signup for #1. See this post at AlterNation for #2.

I’m going to limit the swap to 25 participants in this round, so sign up quickly! I’ll go by timestamp, and manually remove those of you who aren’t in the first 25. Once you’re on the list, I’ll gather your addresses, etc, and mail you the info to get started on your swap project. As swap moderator, only I will have access to all the addresses, so no worries there.

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  • Ivy

    Sounds great, but what are we making?

  • Shannon

    Anything you want! The surprise is the fun part! Although, let’s put some reasonable limits on it to something accessory or possibly garment-sized. No coats, queen size bedspreads, yurts… but other than that, if it’s fiber-y (knitted, crocheted, sewn, felted, you name it), it’s fair game.

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