May 1, 2007

Grannies + SF teaching engagement

Ever wanted to learn how to make granny squares? (I can hear some of you already — nooo!) Here’s a tutorial from YouTube.

Ok, ok. Yes, I was subjected to some pretty bad crochet as a kid, too. But check it out the new-school granny square, from Cecily’s bag pattern in the new issue of Interweave Crochet (hey look! it’s Kristi modeling! my favorite tech editor and gorgeous, too) to Kim’s version of the Babette blanket at Purl.

What made those 1970s grannies so awful? Bad, bad yarn. But you have a lot of good yarn bits and leftovers, yes? All the more reason to give them a try.

So, speaking of me and Cecily — we’re going to be running the learn to knit and crochet booth at Maker Faire. If you’re in the Bay Area, drop by! And while I’m there…

Friday, 18 May, I’m teaching alt-fibers at Article Pract in Oakland, CA. Here’s the class page for more details. Sign up quickly, this one sells out fast wherever it goes! Want a book signed? I’ll be there before class starts as well, so drop by on your lunch hour.

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  • Rebecca

    I LUV (kindly note the groovy 70’s spelling) Cecily’s bag. I really hate to crochet (because I’m bad at it) but might consider breaking out the old hook to make me one!

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  • emmajane

    Warning on that video. It’s plausible I’m a *total* idiot. However, the video does not seem to show all the instructions for what she’s making. As best I can tell each corner has: 2 dc, chain 2, 2dc. But she doesn’t actually say the second set of dc. I’ve been playing for at least 30 minutes now and I’m pretty sure this is what’s missing. Sound right?

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