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February 19, 2007

Signs I am on deadline:

  • It’s after midnight and I’m still awake.
  • I just looked down and there is a empty adult beverage bottle sitting inside my coffee mug. Why, how did that get there?
  • I suddenly feel like being social and coming out of my Shan-cave, which is generally never the case, especially in the depths of winter

Will I make the deadline? Will anything I wrote after 11:00 p.m. make sense? Stay tuned and find out when this book hits shelves. (I hope the editors catch all! my! extra! exclamation! points! Those tend to creep in the more tired and punchy I get).

More importantly, will I fall asleep during the library presentation I’m giving tomorrow afternoon?

Just kidding, librarians! I promise to drink a lot of coffee beforehand!

An idea I had while driving to pick up dinner (sometimes you just need to step away from the laptop). All it needs is a little schmancy programming to make it really cool. And if I made it a franchise, I think I would call it the Yarn Factory. Yeah.

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  • pippi

    I tend to use! alot! of! these! too!
    Weather I’m on a deadline or not!

    Good luck with it all!
    I’m sure it will be wonderful!!!


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