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October 2, 2006

Run for the Cure / Lettuce Knit

Here are Kim and me, with Humphrey and Puck at the beginning of the Run (all photos by Kim in this post):

Team Knitty.

Our mascots rode along with Jenna for a while, in the hood of her Rogue.

First things first after the run — brunch! You’ve read a partial transcript… be thankful Jenna didn’t try to convert her Dictaphone recording to a podcast, because you’d think everyone was talking at once. I had a minor scare when my handknit scarf from Spin to Knit fell off getting out of the cab on our way to brunch, but minutes later, when I returned, it was there waiting for me in the street. (Whew! sigh of relief).

We kicked off the tour at Lettuce Knit. Kim said: “I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun in a yarn store.” (read her take here).

Megan was the greatest host ever (I seriously think she thinks I time my book releases to have an excuse to visit her each fall), and we finally got to meet the famous-on-the-internet Denny, who is as amazing as you could ever possibly imagine. She has a series of highly unusual learning devices for fiber arts teaching that need to go into a (somewhat gory) book… learning to make single crochet involves “chopping off the bunny’s ears”! But she says it with such glee you cannot possibly help but laugh.

Kim catches me teaching someone how to spin. (He learned from a friend and then quickly surpassed her Jedi skills, much like Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan).

Maria, Megan, Denny, Kim, Emma and I went out for sushi afterwards, but don’t you worry — the yarn talk continued all night, right down to Megan and Denny working on a (knit!) Halloween costume for Megan’s daughter and all the fiber world gossip you can handle.

A special shout-out to Emma for driving so far to see us (but she had to come, as I told Megan it was an “or else” situation) and to spin-fans Lauren and Patrick, who — after driving several hundred kilometers to buy Lauren’s new wheel the day before — drove an hour-plus each way to come to the signing!

Tomorrow, we’ll be in-person at Yarne Source and I’ll be interviewed at the SOAR blog, so check it out however you can!

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  • Maria

    It was great meeting you, I had so much fun! Looking forward to your next time in Toronto, hee hee.

    Reply to Maria
  • emmajane

    It was fantastic to see you again, Shannon!! I can’t wait to read (my copy of) your latest book. I used Knitgrrl as a quasi-text book (non-required but very very recommended) for a Learn to Knit course this past spring. My (adult) students *loved* it! They were amazed at how straight forward the instructions were without being patronising or too kiddy.

    I will put an “X” on my hand to come see you any day! 🙂

    Reply to emmajane

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