October 2, 2006

Blog tour, day 2: CRAFT

Today, head over to this post at CRAFT magazine’s blog for an interview with me by the one and only Natalie Zee. Who, by the way, is as awesome in person as she is online.

(Also, National Spinning and Weaving Week kicks off today — go give your spindles and wheels a kiss from me!)

Kim and I are in Rochester, NY — we took the train from Toronto this morning. Come see us tomorrow from noon to five at Yarne Source!

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  • Evangelina varela

    Dear Shannon Okey
    I’m learning how to knit and I enjoy it alot.
    I’m doing a magazine article at school and it’s on knitting and i’m useing one of your books,it’s called knitgrrl and it’s a very good book.

    Evangelina varela

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