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December 30, 2008

Redoing a neckline + knit knit knit

Stefanie has posted a really lovely tutorial on how to enlarge a sweater’s neckline once you’ve (whoops) made it too small. This is why I almost always cast on provisionally at the neck, though. I have an immense skull and having the ability to easily rip out without picking apart a cast on edge is such a bonus.

Holiday gift report! The amazing and fabulous Tamas got me an Alyssa Ettinger knitwear tumbler, but now I am seriously craving one of her vases, too. (She’s having a seconds sale on Etsy, though he got mine from Cog and Pearl).

Also, a coffee table book (Vivienne Westwood: Shoes) to follow up on last years’ Vivienne Westwood retrospective. What can I say? He knows what I like. (The raven puppet went perfectly with the comic book about Vikings his best friend bought me). Hurray for boyfriends who read your Amazon wish list and follow it.

Meanwhile: I knit. Deadline city. In response to some questions on Ravelry, I started a worsted/DK-ish-weight Exploded View and have both sleeves finished thus far. The thought occurs to me that I could wimp out and say LOOK IT’S A SHRUG, but I’m not going to, I’ll finish it after my new design, Copine, which is headed for an issue of Yarn Forward. What is it about big needles that slows me down? Slow, slow, slow. You’d think you’d knit faster, but no. In addition, my index finger is now covered in paper cuts from filing away old bills, so it’s even ouchier. Ah, well. What can you do? I’m on an organizational kick just in time for the new year.

How were your holidays?

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  • jonquil

    very quiet, thank you. this is my annual ‘quiet time’ where i am able to not knit/cross-stitch for the christmas weeks.

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  • Pandorasslave

    Is Copine going to be in the next issue of YarnForward, or a later issue?

    My holiday was filled with family, and all handknitted gifts. So it was productive. 😀 Glad you got such good loot!

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