Fetlock wristwarmers pattern for sale

I am a pattern-writing machine this week! (Or trying to be, anyway).

Now available! Fetlock wristwarmers, $2.50. These stylish horseshoe-cable wristwarmers were designed as a simple, quick knit that will also show you how to read a chart and compare it to written directions. The word directions for the cable even line up directly with the same line in the chart! They’ve been really popular in my LYS, River Colors Studio, and truth be told, if I hadn’t written them up sooner rather than later, there was going to be a rebellion!

Their name is a bit of an equine joke — the fetlock is roughly equivalent, on a horse, to the area these would cover on a human.

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2 thoughts on “Fetlock wristwarmers pattern for sale”

  1. You are a machine!!!! I’m so glad you wrote the pattern. Folks at the store were getting ready to hold you hostage until you did. Have a great holiday and keep those great patterns coming.

  2. So funny, all those years anytime I burned or scarred myself I said, “dammit, now I’ll never be a hand model!!!” and yet here I am. Seriously, that was my excuse anytime I burned myself w/ a glue gun, or curling iron.

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