April 18, 2006

Natasha spins me right round, baby, right round

Natasha spun me! Or, I should say, some fiber I dyed with Heather in my kitchen using ye olde dishwasher technique. There’s Brokey Dokey, Fields of Okey, Heavenly Heather and
Shannon… so if you can’t wait for me to upload it all to the shop — there’s pounds and pounds and POUNDS of hand-dyed roving just waiting in my studio! — or you don’t want to learn to spin (what?!), head over to Natasha’s and go shopping.

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  • natasha

    i am always the last one to know! i was reading my bloglines and read glampyre which i was shamefully behind on…and!!! so how did you know they were yours? hahahahaha. was it the names? i couldn’t bring myself to do anything to them other than add sparkle because the colors are so gorgeous. and i made an order of washfast dyes, so i am excited to get that! wooo wooo!

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