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April 17, 2006

(Comics + knitting) + (San Francisco) = fun this week

My friend Kathleen, who illustrated the Knitgrrl books, also has a webcomic. So does Bex (comic is here) of Free to Stitch… fame. Do comics + knitting just naturally go together? I think so.

Diesel Sweeties has started a story arc where Indie Rock Pete learns to knit (see here and here) — can’t wait to see what comes next! I’ve discussed knitting Clango iPod cozies to sell with the creator of DS, but there hasn’t been much action on that front…too many other things happening. He had this to say about the response to comic #1466:

I awoke this morning to an inbox stuffed with requests for knitting needle (AKA YARNCORE) shirts. I am not gonna argue because it’s rare that people want the drawings that *I* also want to wear. For some reason, my tastes are very similar to that of a monster that is half 30-year-old geek, half 13-year-old girl. Let’s shoot for Monday or Tuesday on this one, I need to eat some Cadbury Mini-Eggs and rework the star in the drawing.

Natalie Dee has done some of my all-time favorite knitting-related comics, though, such as this one, this one, and this one. I never can find the yarn end, either!

I started knitting Forecast last night to relax…so far so good, with the exception of two frogged rows (that’ll teach me to try to watch TV while setting up a cable row).

Speaking of R&R: don’t forget this weekend is Bazaar Bizarre in San Francisco (inside the Maker Faire)! I’ll be teaching 2 workshops and selling as well. I’ll also be signing books in Stitch Diva’s booth at TKGA in Oakland on Friday. Come say hello!

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