FINISHED! Her name is Rivulet.

And like its owner, it’s got more going on in the back than the front.

The buttons are recast pewter 1943 Australian Schilling buttons with ram’s heads on them. They are available here from The Ram’s Horn, on the buttons page. Their shawl pins and such are just amazing. I bought these buttons a few Rhinebecks ago, and also have a ram’s head pin and some other jewelry of theirs. Heartbreakingly, I lost my Celtic-style pennanular broach from the Ram’s Horn on the NYC subway several years ago.

The sweater pattern will be for sale soon. I photographed it on my mannequin because it’s still a little damp from reblocking after I added the edgings. I absolutely love the Beaverslide yarn I used, I cannot recommend it any more highly. (Although, that said, this sweater would be a prime candidate for Malabrigo, and we all know I have a Malabrigo Problem).

17 thoughts on “NaKniSweMo VICTORY!”

  1. Wow that is beautiful! YEah you! I finished 2 sweaters in November.. I didn’t start them in November.. but by jove I finished them!
    Need to get in touch with you about coming down here to Canton to our guild some time!

  2. How pretty! I envy everyone who has enough creativity to design patterns, especially when they turn out so nice like this one. May just have to add this to my Ravelry queue!

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!! Okay, I don’t have so much going on in the back, or the front, but if I wear this with a scarf I can have a lot going on in BOTH AREAS. Whoo hoo! I hope you sized it to “tiny and boyish” or I’ll have to do some mods!

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