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December 2, 2008

Me? A rock star?

This made my day and it isn’t even noon yet. I got an email from my childhood neighbor and friend, who now lives all the way across the country. Identifying details [snip]’ped so no one gets embarrassed except me:

so i was at my local yarn store, [snip], owned by this funny dude [snip]. he always remembers me, even when i haven’t been there in forever, so we were chatting and i said something about how i recently learned that this old neighbor/friend of mine (that’s you) is this knitting guru and author and he got all cute and excited and said, “well…is she famous?!” and i said, “dude, i buy yarn like maybe 3 times a year, and own all of 3 knitting books that were all gifts. you tell me!” when he heard your name he giggled! “she’s like a total rock star in the knitting world! you KNOW her?” it was adorable.

Rock star? Really? I think you’ve got the words transposed a little bit… “dork star,” I could buy. Rock star, not so much. Unless rock stars stay up really late working on codemonkey stuff for the website of the magazine they edit, and then can’t fall asleep in bed, and end up falling asleep after all on the couch with a book, covered in dachshund.

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Well, in rock star parlance, it seems Rivulet is a hit. Lots of faves on Ravelry so far. Guess that means I should get around to writing it up, eh? (This makes sweater #4 that is very nearly ready to sell and yet hasn’t been written up yet!)

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