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October 16, 2002

My favorite fiber store

A miniature photo essay on my favorite fiber store, Mind’s Eye Yarns, is now posted for those of you who haven’t yet been fortunate enough to make it to Porter Square’s knitting nirvana. Why? Because I talk about Mind’s Eye / Lucy all the time, and also because it’s my blog and I can shamelessly promote my favorite people…hurray!

If only I could actually make it to her spinning / knitting groups once in a while! Ah, the vagaries of a strange schedule.

Despite Lucy’s excellent sock tutelage last week, I think I am not going to knit socks with the Opal just yet. Those teeny tiny size 1 or 2 DPs are not easy to play with, in my opinion, so I’m switching to big (size 8 or 9) DPs and heavy wool yarn while my hands “learn” the motions they need to be employing. It’s really like learning to dance…your body needs to feel what it’s doing before you can go bossing it around into more complex motions. I have a weird spatial / experiential-based learning pattern that I’m still trying to adapt to knitting. I’ve finally found my rhythm with circular needles, so DPs are stepping out of my comfort zone a bit.

Like a tango champion learning how to do interpretive dance.

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