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October 13, 2002

Yarn artistry

I’m still rapturous over my new book, but thought I’d share some of the links I found today.

First…if I make it out to San Francisco for my birthday in January, you’d better believe I am checking out Artfibers in person. Mmm.

A thread and two sticks: Lorinda Grant, Australian knitwear designer. One, two, three fascinating articles on her. (I felt like the Count on Sesame Street just now. Strangely, it was rather enjoyable). She sources merino wool from a farm once owned by her grandfather, using old and new techniques to fashion both wearable and “gallery” pieces, and happened to find a healing, creative means of battling her bipolar syndrome / depression at the same time.

I thought that was an interesting twist on the usual “blah blah knitwear” article, especially as I find knitting to be extremely meditative. I don’t have any (classifiable!) psychiatric disorders, but I can certainly understand why someone who does would react positively to it. Zen knitting. Empty the mind, open the heart.

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