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July 14, 2003

Making room in my brain…

Sometimes I forget the coolest things, and then, I remember them again! I was emailing with someone from the American Textile History Museum about spin-ins / National Spinning and Weaving Week, which made me think of the Quilt National at the Dairy Barn.

Many moons ago, I was the art critic at a small newspaper. One of the summer shows I was sent to cover was the Quilt National, back in 1994 or so…

This year’s press release says it all: “Quilt National jurors Liz Axford, Wendy Huhn and Robert Shaw studied images of 1452 works by 676 artists from 23 countries.” One thousand four hundred fifty-two amazing art quilts! Can you imagine?

Also in the same vein from the Dairy Barn: Fabric Gardens, a joint American-Japanese quilting exhibit from 1990. The catalog is worth ten times its price. Buy one. Seriously. They have other great quilt show catalogs, not to mention books on beadwork. The Bead International show is held at the Barn each year.

Southern Ohio = art hotbed? Who knew? Well, now you do.

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