Lime & Violet teach me my ABCs

(“adult beverages” and “cookies,” respectively)

Here’s what happens when you hang out with Lime & Violet this weekend at Knitter’s Connection:

You come home with more fiber than you left with, plus a lonely final margarita. Imagine this phone call to my hotel room, (paraphrased from memory):

Violet: “Are you naked?”
Me: “More or less.”
Violet: “Ok, stay right there, we’re bringing cookies.”

And they did, plus bottled margaritas! Don’t worry, I put on pants. The fiber pictured here is Violet’s, but I also scored some wool and wool/silk blend from Cider Moon at the show. We watched some truly appalling television with Mr. Violet (the Paris Hilton-a-thon on CNN), made plans to take over the universe — you know, like you do — and earlier at the author’s reception, I got to tell my boyfriend’s favorite joke. I won’t repeat it, because you need the fake Scottish accent to make it funny, but it involves sheep and the word “shearing.” Come visit me in person sometime and I’ll tell it to you, too.

Next month the Lime & Violet sock book is out. Exciting! And the taking over the world thing? Yeah, we really do have plans. We’ll announce when we’re good and ready…

Saturday, I taught both spinning and felting. Such talented students, they caught on right away! You would be amazed how well they could spin after just a few hours of practice. It was a fun time. All in all, well worth my second trip to Columbus in as many weeks.

Yesterday, Heather and I signed copies of Felt Frenzy at the local Barnes and Noble. It’s inside the local lifestyle center, or whatever it is they’re calling outdoor malls these days.

Oooh, we’re an Event!

Heather brandishes Felt Frenzy while I make with the embarassing photos.

Good times.

4 thoughts on “Lime & Violet teach me my ABCs”

  1. For the first time in my life, I wish I’d been in my hometown of Columbus to see you guys. Looks like you had fun!

  2. and i get to help the ms’s lime & violet take over the world! if you think they were fun there. . . they’re like that ALL . . THE. . . TIME!

    minnie aka the adminnie

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