June 6, 2007

Almost there…

Megan was busy while we were away at TNNA, painting our shop. Want to see the sneak preview? I’ll warn you, it’s still messy…but I’m excited enough to share.

The front of Stitch Cleveland. No sign yet, but it’ll go above the windows. Isn’t the front door a pretty shade of blue?

I love our neighbor’s door. Aren’t the rosebushes spectacular? I get to look at those all day, lucky me.

Still a little messy in here. Megan’s reupholstering the grey chair at the far right. You can see a tiny bit of my green comfy chair next to the exit sign. The white bench in the middle is going, there isn’t quite enough room for it.

When I first saw the new color of our slat-wall, I had unpleasant Duran Duran 1984 Rio-album cover flashbacks, but I love it now. The color’s a little off because of the lighting, but you get the idea.

Seriously. I love that door. I could look at it + the ivy all day. Imagine how cheerful that will be when there’s a million feet of snow this winter.

Our two back classrooms are still a mess. See those tubs? Yeah, that’s yarn I’m destashing to the store. Some of it, anyway.

Meet our neighbors, they live out back under the shed.

Detail of our neighbors’ faces. There are two of them, they are kitten-sized and unbelievably adorable. We spent a good ten minutes just watching them pop in, pop out, pop in, pop out…

There’s still a lot of work to do, as you can clearly see, but it’s coming together nicely and I’m really pleased so far. Megan’s husband managed to stretch the buckled carpet, which was quite the miracle. The windows let so much light in, you barely need the overheads during the day, which is great. And I have a comfy chair! Yarn plus comfy chair plus internet = happy me. What do you think so far?

Next: Small children stop by with their grandmothers and get creeped out by my mannequin Hazel’s real eyelashes. (Yes, my mannequin has a name. Shush. You’d name her, too if she was looking at you like that. It’s hilarious, she’s got molded plastic hair, but real eyelashes).

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  • Roxanne

    How cool and how exciting! I like your neighbours too… 🙂

    Reply to Roxanne
  • Robyn

    It looks awesome! I can’t wait to come and visit someday. I am so excited for you!

    Reply to Robyn
  • Natalie

    I loooove it! I hope I can check it out one day in person! xoxo

    Reply to Natalie
  • Post authorShannon

    Thank you! YES! Please visit!

    Reply to Shannon
  • Felicia

    Oh, its delightful! Even the neighbors are cute 🙂 You’ve put in some hard work that will pay off.

    Reply to Felicia
  • megan

    the store is so much fun! i hope all of your knitgrrl fans come to see us, shannon!

    Reply to megan
  • Fran Malone

    I know where to eat on the east side of the burbs – now I need to venture to Stitch Cleveland and add to the fun of my home town on the next visit north. Love the door!

    Reply to Fran Malone

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