December 5, 2005

Knitgrrl reviewed on Knitty

Knitgrrl was reviewed in the new winter issue of Knitty. I quote:

Doesn’t it seem like every new knitting book tells you it will ‘teach you to knit’? Then somehow manages to sum up the everything-about-knitting in one or two pages, leaving a newbie in tears. Well, Knitgrrl actually puts its pages where its mouth is. They use many pages to explain the various knitterly techiniques in the book. Best of all there are step-by-step directions with photographs, not illustrations, easier for a newbie to follow.

Not being part of the target market for this book (near and young teens) I flashed this book around the elementary school where I volunteer to get a real girl sort of review. There was much squealing of the ‘how cool’ variety. The projects appealed to a wide variety of girls from 6 on up. They also appealed to a bunch of teachers who knit.

Be sure to check out the allowance friendly price.

Reviews like that make all the hours and hours and hours and hours and, oh, did I mention hours of work on the step-by-step photos all worthwhile. (And not just me, either…my mom and my boyfriend both contributed significant amounts of time to getting the photos just right).

FYI: Knitgrrl 2 has all the great step by steps Knitgrrl had + even more new techniques. It’s available for preorder on both Amazon, or in the Knitgrrl shop (if you want a signed copy).

Thanks again so very much to Knitty. If this were the Oscars, they’d be on the receiving end of my “couldn’t have done it without them” speech.

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