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May 9, 2007

Fun data from the survey

The first compiled data from the blog reader survey has been posted (link is Knitgrrl-specific). Dog people, you may want to take the survey asap; Knitgrrl readers with cats are currently in the preference-lead. And how many of you poor dears suffers that 3-hour roundtrip commute? Please tell me it’s on a train or somewhere you can knit, at least!

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  • Lolly

    I voted for both cats and dogs 🙂
    …need to start flossing too…

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  • maryse

    i think i’m your 3 hour roundtrip commuter. it’s why i’ve gotten fat. 2 days a week i take a train/subway, the rest of the time i’m in a car. i do knit while in the car. only when i’m at a complete stop so don’t yell at me.

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